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THE ODDEST; A Design & Streetwear Company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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About Us

Who's The Oddest?

A Design & Apparel Company

If you haven't noticed already, (you will) we're doing things a little different.

What and who is The Oddest you ask? Well, currently we're mostly a design and apparel company but we prefer not to be categorized or labeled as just a "clothing company", there's quite a bit more to come!

We launched Fall of 2014. Founder, Edgar Trini felt there was a need to bring true style to Michigan-themed apparel. Why does almost every Michigan-themed tee so basic? Besides your favorite sports team or favorite local brewery, how many "cool" Michigan shirts/sweatshirts do you own? Seriously though, it had to be addressed and we're doing exactly that.

 First and foremost, we are here to provide unique and original style! That means that you will see more and more from us that is not necessarily "Michigan" related BUT it is still being made and produced right here in GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN!

Our goal is to make things that'll make you look twice, maybe even tilt your head a little in wonder or question. We want our style and designs to speak for themselves. Most importantly, we want to make products that are comfortable and functional with an emphasis on creative design. Expressive, bold and clean eye-catching designs. We're not going to adhere to any norms, forms or molds. We're simply not going to limit ourselves like that.

If you really need to put a finger on us, you could say that The Oddest Co. is Michigan's newest experimental "streetwear/lifestyle" brand, but we're not stopping here, this is truly just the beginning!

We're going to get involved! Design and create!

As a company we want to embrace and explore the possibilities of trying new things. We welcome creativity. Why not work with each other to create something new and different? If you have an idea and you want to work together to create something new and fresh, holler at us! Let's get all of those creative juices flowing and let's see how far we can go.

We may be a Michigan based company and Grand Rapids runs in our blood but we're not your typical "Michigan/Mitten clothing brand", We're much more than that. Our inspiration comes from all over, not just Michigan. So, expect to see more than just Michigan-themed work.

To be continued.

- The Oddest Supply Co.-